Kyanite is best known for its colour zones & brittle character. Formed form Aluminum silicate, its hardness may vary from 4-7.5 in the same crystal depending upon axial direction. Clear, shiny blue, blue-green in appearance kyanite is allocated with loyalty, serenity, calmness, innovation & dreams. It's extreme variability in hardness makes it difficult to cut but easy to damage. Being a tranquilizer, kyanite facilitates mental clarity & calmness is especially effective on throat & third-eye chakras.
Green Kyanite:

Emerald kyanite is known for its spendid sea green colour. Beautiful in appearance, it resembles the Zambian Emerald and is probably the most popular kind.

Blue Kyanite: 

This variety of kyanite has a royal blue colour much like the royal sapphire. Top blue kyanite is undoubtly the richest & best in appearance & properties.










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